Accordion Weltmeister

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Accordion Weltmeister


Home Design Just Got More Simple

If you're thinking about decorating, you'll be able to do so
easily and affordably with discount drapery fabric. You'll be
glad to know as well that this fabric can be used for much
more than just drapes. If you're new home design includes
re-doing pillows, or a slip cover on your couch, or even a
duvet cover, this discounted fabric will help you achieve
your look. Many of the greatest decorators really dislike
sewing. Of course they surely know how to do it, however
they would rather just come up with ways to get around doing
it, while using their secret tools of the trade as well as

discounted decoration fabrics.

If you're looking to create a polished look without sewing
then using folding fabric is a great option for you. You may
be looking for something that's going to keep its shape and
be able to drape easily. In this case accordion folds are
the way to go for you. If you simply feed the ends of fabric
through a sconce or some type of decorative ring on the wall
after it's been folded then you'll have created a tailed
jabot. You may have to discretely tack the center to the
wall if it seems to be too droopy.

Also, if you're looking for another option to sewing,
using adhesives that are heat activated will work well
for you. This is a web type of fabric that sometimes comes
with a paper backing. You'll iron the fabric to activate
the glue that holds the fabric together. Some of these are
not washable afterwards, so be sure to check with the
manufacturer to be sure.

Sewing does help open up possibilities for you however.
Even if you're not the greatest sewer in the world there
are still projects that you can do with the discounted
drapery. Beginners should stick with more of a solid fabric,
or something with a small and repetitive pattern. When the
window coverings are hanging, it gets to be very difficult
to match plaids or stripes. So you don't want to give
yourself away as an amateur by not using a material that
you can match easily.

An easy out for the beginner is to choose a tone on tone
type of fabric, which is a fabric with textures, however
the color of the background is the very same as the pattern.
This way you can easily sew but not have to worry about
matching the patterns as much.

Another great item that you can create with the material
is a pillow case. You simply need to cut a pattern that
will match the size of the pillow foam, and add either a
zipper or some type of decorative draw sting for easy off
and on action for cleaning.

These are just a few of the things that you can do with
discounted drapery fabric, but the possibilities are almost
endless. Use your imagination and see what else you can
improve in your home.

Article written by Leroy Calstard.

Leroy Calstard
creative web design
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Supita Weltmeister Accordion

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