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Music Bag

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Wale ft. Rick Ross, Meek Mill, and T Pain - "Bag Of Money" (Official Music Video)

Music Assessment: Katy Perry's "Firework" As The New Year Anthem

Regardless of whether you like this album or not, it is destined to be a pop music landmark for Katy Perry has emerged with commercial accomplishment that permits her to be described in the same breath with Lady Gaga and Rihanna though battling with Eminem for the title of top pop star of summer months 2010. "California Gurls" seems to be destined to be 1 of the prime ten hits of the year, "Teenage Dream" seems to be possible to stick to it to #1, and if the rumored next single is "Firework," it could be a monster. These hit singles are just a sampling of the gems to be located right here Katy Perry Firework mp3 download. Plenty of followers will get Teenage Dream to their hearts.

Now, in a curious stroke of promoting, Perry's summery new album, "Teenage Dream," arrives in the death throes of August, giving us the opportunity to hear "California Gurls" for the kerzillionth time, along with eleven other songs that would be foolish to dream of eclipsing it Micro Niche Finder. And in which "California Gurls" is an Everlasting Gobstopper of a tune, the relaxation of Perry's bubble gum loses its flavor fast.

That's simply because the more challenging the 25-year-aged pop star works to cultivate her image, the far more faceless she gets to be. Is she a fantastic girl gone badly? It's tough to inform when Perry's very difficult-partying lyrics continue being so deeply at odds with her taut and tidy pop songs. She tries to cram the messiness of 20-something bacchanalia into neat, confectionary, three-moment song-charades. It doesn't operate. Certain, the hooks are persistently grabby, but even Perry's catchiest refrains swiftly begin to chafe if you truly shell out awareness to the words.

Those nagging suspicions turn into a dilemma with "Teenage Dream" whenever Perry methods anything at all resembling seriousness. "Do you actually experience like the plastic bag drifting by means of the wind, wanting to begin once again?" she asks in the opening verse of the too-mushy "Firework." (No additional "American Beauty" references, America. Thanks.) Later, Perry lashes out at a drug-addled lover throughout "Circle the Drain," offering cautionary advice that's not possible to take significantly from a person who had bragged of smelling "like a mini-bar" just a several songs previously.

And that's a pity mainly because Perry has a pliant, effective voice that's capable of carrying the dramatic stuff SEO Forum. It's a lot more powerful than the breathy coo of a Britney Spears and far much more tightly controlled than the overwrought bluster of a Christina Aguilera.

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