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What Is The Best Way To Display Musical Instruments?

My dad left us his musical instruments(3 guitars, 4 fiddles, 2 mandolins). They were getting mildewed in the closet so mom wants to hang them on the wall. This climate is hot, humid, rainy, and the sunlight is strong enough to fade walnut. I was thinking a room facing north shaded by trees would be best. Anybody know? Most of these instruments are junk but the guitars are top of the line Martins and Gibsons, I want to give them the best care.

Best Answer...


You definitely don't want them in excessive heat and humidity, because that can warp the necks and, if in the sunlight, ruin the finish as well.

I'd keep them in a room that's usually no more than about 85 degrees or so in the summer. Also, it would be best if they were played at least once in a while...or at least tuned every so often.