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how much would it cost to have a violin bridge professionally set up?

i got a new violin, and the bridge on it was leaning towards the fingerboard. the bridge is alot taller than the bridge on my old violin. i was gonna have the new bridge carved down...but idk, the bridge doesn't look like the best quality. i'm gonna purchase a bridge just like the one, on my old violin. how much would it cost to have it professionally set up?
to the dude talkin about union nonsense...you obviously ain't a string player :|

Best Answer...


It almost sounds like a blank bridge, i.e. it hasn't been fitted to the instrument at all. Being a musician rather than a luthier, I can't give you a real definite answer, but I'd expect it to be more than $25 and less than $100. If you have to get a whole new bridge it might be on the higher end, but overall I'd think $45 would be a likely price.

By the way, you definitely want to get this done!!