Pottery Ceramic

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Frequently Asked Questions...

Pottery/Ceramics/Sculpture - Which one class do you suggest?

That would be most helpful (in any way) towards my Graphic Design degree in the future? I really want to take one of these as an elective as I would love to learn and experience but just not sure which one?
Thank you!

Best Answer...


I would think that a basic pottery class would at least touch on elements of all three. Pottery in and of itself would teach construction of pots including slab, coil and wheel or thrown pottery.
Ceramics would expand on your basic pot construction and probably have more of an emphasis on firing, glazing and using basic techniques for sculpture.
Sculpture will entail more advanced assemblages from the first two.
Ceramics (my overall term for fired clay based media) will teach you how to work in 3 dimension and is a wonderfully relaxing hobby to continue throughout your life.
Given only one choice I think I would probably take the one called 'Pottery'