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Frequently Asked Questions...

Need help choosing a tenor sax?

So I have been looking around for a tenor and have a budget of $500ish
Not a beginner but not a professional just a strong hobby
Eventually (10 years from now) will get a GOOD sax hopefully but its not my career
For now I have been looking at these

a little bit of my playing:
I like to play pretty loud, aiming for a bright sound | maybe the jazzy sound at times but mostly bright. I played two years marching band and had 3 years of beginning in elementary but not consistent.

Yamaha YTS23 Tenor Saxophone - $750
--------Strap, Music note guide, oil, all parts, new reed
[they are willing to negotiate]

Selmer Signet tenor saxophone-"S" brace - $650
-------------mouthpiece,case ,cleaning supplies and neck strap
[hoping to negotiate with them]

Jean Baptiste Tenor Saxophone. Model JB 480T/L - $500
------brand new,hard shell case, mouthpiece, neck strap, and cleaning cloth

Best Answer...


I'm a saxophone player.

Right now, the best company on the market is Yamaha. So that Yamaha 23 would not be a bad choice.

Selmer Signets are great intermediate horns.

Jean Baptiste sucks.