Trumpet Stand

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Frequently Asked Questions...

I have a trumpet mute, but it doesn't stay in the trumpet, help?

I got a trumpet, it is a Mendini and it came with oil, mute, tuner, etc... but the mute is some strange type that I don't get how to operate, it is felt-tipped, and it has some weird little screw in thing on the end. I usually only see the regular old mutes that you just put in and bam, ready. But this is just a weird one, any help? (I will try to put up a pic of it if I can)

Best Answer...


Most mutes have cork around the part you put in the trumpet and some are adjustable on the end that sticks out of the trumpet bell. I have a mute which is a cup mute type and is adjustable with a wire wrap that has a thumb screw around it. It is an old mute and I don't see them around shops or internet these days. The mute I mention may be seen on old photos of trumpet players like Dizzy Gillespie where he plays this type mute.The Mendini line of trumpets are very inexpensive, how do you like the trumpet overall? One important thing about Mendini trumpets I notice on the trumpet has several items that come with it and none is a mute,perhaps you are mistaking the small trumpet stand I notice that looks sort of like a mute but has small folding legs you must pull out. It seems to have felt for when you place the trumpet on the stand not mute. I suggest you look again on the item you call mute and as I state you will notice it is not a mute but a trumpet stand with legs. It is not a mute.