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Frequently Asked Questions...

Can anyone tell me of a webpage where I can download full page size letters of the alphabet. Thanks?

I am trying to make a banner using A4 card. I am looking for letters of the alphabet which I can print straight onto the card, using various colours. Can anyone advise of a site please.

Best Answer...


Go into MS Word. Type some stuff in the font you like. Choose a color you like for some or all of it. Highlight.
Click on the font size (not the drop down list, but the number) and type in 720. In Times New Roman, one letter fills the page in Word 2003. Print the pages you want.
Some MS programs only allow you to type size up to 128 or 256.
Some banner programs allow you to enlarge print and print your whole message out across many pages without having then cut and paste one page per letter (i.e. they will print 1.5 or 2.1 letters per page, right near the edge.)