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Inb Performing Arts Center: IXS

The INB Performing Arts Center is the premier entertainment venue in the Spokane Region. It is owned and operated by the Spokane Public Facilities District. The venue has capacity of 2,700-seats.

A legacy from Spokane's World Fair in 1974, this wonderful facility has hosted everyone from Jerry Seinfeld to "Phantom of the Opera". The elegant INB Performing Arts Center is adaptable for symphony concerts, ballet, grand opera, road shows, country and rock music spectaculars, musical stage productions, travelogues, conventions and lectures.

The INB Performing Arts Center has hosted a myriad of cultural events, Broadway shows, and rockin' concerts. Everyone from Ani DiFranco to Phantom of the Opera to Jerry Seinfeld has graced the INB Performing Arts Center stage.

The INB Performing Arts Center was formerly the Spokane Opera House. This venue was created as a result of partnership of The Inland Northwest Bank with the Spokane Public Facilities District to present.. This wonderful partnership will maintain the splendid standard of the building. New restrooms and a new marquee are a few of the many changes that will be happening during this renovation thanks in part to the sponsorship of Inland Northwest Bank. INB Performing Arts Center will have a fresh face for all guests to enjoy with the renovation.

This outstanding venue is operating as a community facility. It is providing first class performing and meeting surroundings with excellent service at affordable use rates to local performing arts groups, event presenters, meeting planners and school districts. It has contributed a lot in enhancing the quality of life for all citizens. It has also served for the economic well-being of the community.

Another promising aspect of this marvelous Venue is that it complies with the Washington Indoor Clean Air Act which prohibits smoking in all public places as well as 25 feet from any entrance, exit, or ventilation intake at a public place.

The standard hours of operation for the Spokane Convention Center Administrative Offices are 8:00am
to 5:00pm Monday through Friday. All Exhibitors are ready when the doors are scheduled to open to the
public. It is done for the safety reasons. Also No vehicles of any kind can be moved in the Spokane Convention Center during the hours when the show is open to the public.

The cleaning of public areas, restrooms and meeting rooms is included in your basic room rental fee
when the areas are utilized for standard purposes.

All lobbies and circulation areas are considered common areas and generally not under Licensee control. All activities using common areas are subject to prior written approval and must take into consideration the requirement of all licensees simultaneously utilizing the building. Submit detailed floor plans with specifications to your Event Supervisor. Approval will be granted within 30 days prior to the Event.

Pay telephones are conveniently located throughout the facility and meet ADA requirements.
The venue is equipped with simultaneous translation equipment that may be used in any room on campus.

INB Performing Arts Center is so reputed that all 2006-2007 Best of Broadway Productions are held at this marvelous venue.

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Frequently Asked Questions...

Is playing for a major symphony orchestra a full time job?

Suppose Amy is hired to play Violin for the Chicago Symphony Orchestra. Will she spend 40, 50+ hours a week working, rehearsing or performing with the CSO? Or, will she have to supplement her income by teaching, or even working an 8 - 5 jobs like the rest of us?

BQ: I once had a professor who said violinists were the biggest diva. Is this true? I find the cello to be a much more pleasant sounding instrument.

Best Answer...


If Amy is hired for the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, Amy will have a salary of approximately between $90,000.oo to $114,000.oo per annum. That is pay for very full time work, and also screams no needing to supplement income for pin money.

If Amy is hired for The Dubuque Philharmonic Orchestra, with its much lower budget, and much shorter running season, Amy would be well to think of supplementing that income with private students, and finding some kind of full time work in the summer, perhaps teaching at a music camp, etc.

Best regards.

Your other question, sorry, is silly. Diva used to mean, specifically, a female opera singer of great technical ability, whose musicianship was outstanding and who also possessed a remarkable charisma when on stage. Now it is used for anyone who gives spoiled brat 'I'm special' attitude... and it has really seriously lost its former meaning. If your teacher meant the violins often enough carry the melody, they did not do the world of music education or music literature much justice, I'm afraid.

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