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What is the best drum set for high school students?

I want to purchase and donate a drum set to my local high school, but I don't know which set is best for middle school / high school students. They currently use a 12 year old Ludwig that is all beat up and has many hardware issues. I knew there was a big problem when they took my sons $350 snare and incorporated it into the set. I have about $1200 to spend. What is the best set for the money, has great hardware that is easy to make adjustments, and can take a beating from many high school drummers???
Any ideas?

Best Answer...


Pearls are really good drum sets. I would advise getting one of those. Good luck! Just remember that with any instrument, the kids need to know how to respect it! Let the music director know that it needs to be handled with care, or as much care as a drum set allows :)