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Whats the best keyboard amp for $1,000?


Im a muscian in a band that plays regularly in clubs all over LA.. medium size venues like the viper, roxy etc. Im looking for a bitchen amp for those shows and for our rehearsals? I have 1,000 budget... here's what I have boiled it down to... the Motion Sound KP-500SN or Roland KC-880. What would you reccommend, or would you go with something totally different?


Motion Sound KP-500SN or Roland KC-880

Best Answer...



I used to play keys in the club scene too and finally found that a modular system amp separate from speakers worked best. If I wasn't just plugging into a sound system for big gigs with sound checks, when I had to bring my own gear, I ended up using a small 6 or 8 channel powered PA head with several speaker options. If I was kicking left-hand bass, I brought a boomer cab w/ 15" black widow and horns, and/or a couple of satellite speakers for stereo effects/sounds, or just a couple small 12" + horns cabs for small keyboards gigs (no LH bass). You can get a decent Peavey powered mixer and get cheap used speakers on Craigslist or scrounge bonus speakers from your buddies when you run short on cash.
Good Luck.