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Frequently Asked Questions...

Buying a music keyboard?

I recently joined a band and will be playing gigs. My starter that I own is a Casio WK, however, I am looking to upgrade. I play rock music. I need a keyboard with a lot of quality sounds as well as 88 keys and weighted keys.

I am looking at the Yamaha MoX8 as my first option, but also Korg M50, and Casio Privia. I know the Yamaha and Korg are workstation synthesizers, but are they better quality than the Casio Privia. Also, if primarily looking to play live, do I need a workstation as opposed to the Casio Privia? The only reason I really would get a workstation is for the sounds, the feel, and the occasional use of the numerous settings (that otherwise wouldnt be used). Any thoughts on using a workstation as a performance keyboard? What should I buy?
Also, I read that MoX8 only has 64 polyphony. Will that make a difference when I am playing live. I like to play full chords and would not want any notes to drop.

Best Answer...


First off, let me qualify, I do not play keyboard. But recently I inherited a Yamaha PSR 9000. I was on an organizing committee and I ended up taking it my keyboard, audio mixer and microphone to the conference we had going, to let a fellow play them. He had first demanded a grand piano, but when he saw what I had, said he could use that. He loved it, the audience loved the sound. I routed the keyboard and 3 microphones through my mixer, fed it out to the house sound. Apparently they have discontinued this model, look for used one.

I just searched that Mox8, watched a video, and the PSR 900 sounds much better