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Frequently Asked Questions...

What synthesizer should I get?

I play a Yamaha YPG keyboard and I want to get a synthesizer to put above it. I'm really into James Dewees (The Get Up Kids) synthesizer music and stuff from The Cab. I don't know which one is right for me. I have looked into it but i can't spend 3,000 dollars on a Moog. I want something that sounds like Action & Action by: The Get Up Kids or zzzzz by: The Cab. I'm tired of finding synthesizers that sound like guitars or drums. If I wanted it to sound that way I would just use my guitar. I'm willing to spend up to 1,000 dollars but I'm not sure if I can get anything good for that price.
Thank you kool thing but it sounds like Nintendo music from a very old video game. I mean a synthesizer that you would hear in like a emo band.

Best Answer...


I have a Korg R3 and it currently retails for $400-$500; when I bought it, it was $700. It's pretty much the big sister of the Micro Korg and is an absolutely amazing synth. Go test it out and I'm sure you'll love it as much as I do.