Jailhouse Blues

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New Jailhouse Blues Harmonica Key of G Great Portable Instrument
New Jailhouse Blues Harmonica Key of G Great Portable Instrument
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Jailhouse Blues

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Lightnin' Hopkins - Jailhouse Blues

"Hello, I'm Johnny Cash"- Surprising Lessons For Work At Household Moms

I've unearthed some surprising bits of wisdom for new wahms by listening to Johnny {Money} lately. I thought I would share some of these tidbits from the Rockabilly legend.


1) Recognize Your Man ...er, target {marketplace}!


{That is} ideal. Do you fully grasp your target {marketplace}? Are you {conscious} of her wants, desires and driving ambitions? Does your web site speak to your target audience? If not, maybe it is best to make some modifications or your internet site visitor or customer are going to be "as gone as a wild goose in winter" too!


2) A Boy Named Sue


Life ain't uncomplicated for a boy named Sue...and life ain't uncomplicated for a wahm either. Inside your organization you'll have those confidence killers, dream stealers, {enjoyable} suckers...whatever you need to call them. You may have people today who {attempt to} tell you that you {cannot} attain your {objectives}, that what you {attempt} {will not} work. {Do not} let them get you down!


Sue's father told him, "This world is rough, and if {you are} gonna make it, {you have} gotta be tough."


How can you get tough within your company?


{three}) Man In Black- or Branding 101


J.R. {Money} didn't don the all black suit simply because he didn't have anything else to wear. It was his trademark. He wore all black for a reason.


What about you? Are you working on your brand? In a world full of Elvis Presleys and Jerry Lee Lewises, how will you stand apart? And bear in mind, your target {marketplace} {does not} {need to} be just like you- Johnny {Money} wrote Folsom Prison Blues and connected with inmates when he had in no way but step foot in jail!


{four}) The Legend of John Henry's Hammer


This song has two bits of wisdom:


a) Understand your enterprise and you are going to succeed


John Henry's Daddy told him to: "Learn to a turn a jack, understand to lay a track, understand to {choose} and shovel too." Are you understanding all it is possible to about Net Advertising {to ensure that} you'll be able to succeed inside your company? Do you reinvest in ebooks, coaching and mentoring, and {software program} like John Henry's hammer?


b) {Technologies} has its {location} {however it} {cannot} take the {location} of humans.


When the steam engine threatened to take the {location} of men, Johnny proved that within the end, humans are extra {useful}. Discover {to make use of} {technologies} (like autoresponders) but keep in mind that your web site visitor is often a human and inject some of {your self} into your advertising efforts.


{five}) {1} Piece at a Time


This ballad is about a man who decides to create a Cadillac. He steals {1} piece at a time from the assembly line "and it didn't {price} him a dime". But within the end, it didn't work out precisely like he planned!


Does your internet site look like a pieced together jalopy? Are you unwilling to {invest} any dollars on your own domain and hosting, content {having a} totally free internet site cluttered up with ads?


6) Inside the Jailhouse Now


Please {do not} throw away your difficult work by {performing} {among the} following points:



Copying other people's articles or content

Stealing graphics

Clicking on your Adsense ads

Not keeping records and neglecting to pay taxes


It just {is not} worth it, and you might locate {your self} inside the jailhouse. Significantly much better to Walk the Line so you'll be able to sleep at night.


7) Ring of Fire


Possibly {you have} created a {poor} selection... entered into a shotgun romance {having a} enterprise {that is} not correct for you. {Do not} be afraid to understand this, chuck {every thing} and start off over! {Do not} beat your head against the wall if, right after working challenging on a project, you choose {it is} just not profitable. Far better to uncover your match and pour your energies into that.


In this song, June Carter {Money} chronicles her growing attraction to John. {Although} they {had been} both involved with other persons, they {had been} clearly soul mates and ended up generating music and growing old together for the next 40 years.


Could you make stunning music {together with your} small business!

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Ardtur K. Renyust is a writer and personal trainer. He enjoys writing about health related things and just life in general. Check out his back theropy and Money Clips

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