Stand Light

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How to describe a dark or a mysterious house on a valley?

Hi friends, My one of the friend is working on a novel. He need some help, he is on chapter 5 and now is confused that how can he describe a mysterious or a dark house on the valley. Can you help

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The house was surrounded by deep thunder cracks and sharp lightening. Creaking with the wind it stood. Light in windows flickered many times in a second. Lighting struck again lighting the whole area of the house. Chipped wood pieces laid everywhere and the broken down door laid on the right side of the house, covered by dark brown muck. The door laid slowly sinking, being eaten by the ground surrounding it. Rain pounding down on the valley shielding the almost dismembered house. Thunder cracked once again and the old, forgotten house let out a moan as if it was being tortured.
There is a beginning description for him.