Viola Chinrest

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Frequently Asked Questions...

where should a viola chinrest be in the middle or on the side of the viola?

well my problem seems to be that I shift my chin far enough off the chinrest for it to be uncomfortable so would that be a sign that I should have it moved to the middle of my viola?

Best Answer...


I have played the viola for over 38 years. I have taught many beginning students. I know the chinrest is uncomfortable (for awhile, soon it will be as natural feeling as brushing your teeth). If you put the chinrest in the middle of the viola, your 'form' will be incorrect. It really does go underneath the left side of your chin; therefore allowing you in the future to reach very high notes comfortably and correctly and always 'hitting' the note.

If the chinrest were in the middle, you would never be able to reach the high notes, and the form of your left arm/hand would never be correct.

You will get over the uncomfortableness (is that a word?) soon. I have a nice little mark under my chin to prove that i'm a viola player and proud of it. Keep playing, it will reward you all through your life. I play in a community orchestra and a church orchestra. All are great ways to relieve stress, playing the viola.