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Frequently Asked Questions...

Answering Questions Properly, Anyone?

Are you just busy, when you answer questions here on Yahoo, or are you just too busy to elaborate?

Is it just for the points?

Are you afraid, that you may not be able to put a few eloquent words together, or is that how you approach everything, by shooting from the hip, without really thinking.

Is it hard to put down your thoughts, so other people can read them, & maybe criticize them, add to them, get a few guffaws from them?

Yahoo provides this Forum so people can learn to communicate. Does cursing, one-liners & other put-downs make you feel good?

If you wanted to call me names like 'Kramer" did those guys in LA, could you do it in 5 paragraphs, or does that upset you too much, or challenge your intelligence?

To start: Tell me what you think of this question?

Best Answer...


Good Question.
Okay, first of all I don't think I've ever gone on here when I was busy, because if I'm busy, this would be one of the last resorts I would turn to.
Second, I try to answer every question in great detail if it is that sort of question.
For instance, If it was something like,
"What room are you typing in?" There can't be many sentences used, unless you're being ridiculous, and saying things like,
"The room is a beautiful shade of off white, with a small hint of coffee brown, the desk that that my monitor is placed on, is hand carved African paduuk wood..."
Because if you respond that heavily into a very light question, it just sounds weird, especially because all the person wanted was the location, not the full description.
But yes, if it is something serious, or something that you would like to put as much as your own opinion into it as possible, I could definitely write a five paragraph answer. I don't use this website too often, but when I find something I care enough about answering properly, I will.
The points have little-or-nothing to do with the answering of the questions, it's all about giving an opinion.
I never care when people criticize my answers, or opinions on anything, because I'm just putting myself out there, giving my absolute, firm beliefs, because that's usually what they are, something that I will not change.
And finally no, I don't think that anything of the kind would "Challenge my Intelligence", even if I answered something in an inadequate way, nothing would really "Challenge my intelligence."

Good Question,