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Frequently Asked Questions...

Hey I am looking for some nice Drum sticks.?

Whats ur Fav. Brand, or store you like to shop for your drum supplies. Or If u know of a place to orderOnline. I am looking for some awesome drum sticks. I was also thinking about a Drum Pad?

Best Answer...


With drum sticks, you're lookin at around £10 for cheap pair or £13 for a quality pair. Vic Firth, Zildjain, Ahead stick are known for being great. They last longer and are weight balanced for optimum performance. other brands are just made from cuts of wood so are unevenly weighted. If your in the UK ADC drums where i work has a great online store, otherwise try a commercial music store near you.

If you're looking for something a bit different, I would advice getting some Ahead Carbon Fibre sticks. They cost around £20 - £25 ($40 - $50) and they'll last years! They're black and white and obviously made from no wood whatso ever. They're balanced perfectly and privde a great sound.

Drum pads are good for practicing rudiments and hand coordination. Great for snare drumming too. I used to have one a few years back, and playing on it 5 mins a night got both my hands super coordinated and quick.

Hope this helps