Clay Ocarina

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Frequently Asked Questions...

How to make a clay ocarina and what tools will i need?

I've always wanted to make one myself but I've never known how or known anyone who can do it. so can someone give me a link to a tutorial on how to do it (Preferably a good one) and also what tools do i need and how much (Approx) will it cost for them?

One last thing how can i find out my closest ceramics shop to get it fired?

Best Answer...


Heres a link


If you are looking to pay alot for it, maybe 80-50 bucks
If you are looking to pay very little for it maybe 30-40 bucks

You only need a oven if you want it dry and then paint it,
or if you want to get it fired at a ceramic shop it will cost about 20 bucks

Get it glazed and painted, it feels like solid glass
So about a good hundred for a high quality ocarina
Hope this helps