Flute Maintenance

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Frequently Asked Questions...

Are Any Of These Flute Maintenance Materials Necessary To Have?

Hi. I just got a new Yamaha silver open hole flute, and I've been wanting to stock up on my flute maintenance materials. Are any of these materials necessary to have as a flutist? (I don't own any of the things I'm listing.)

*Silicon Cloth
*Soft Cork Grease
*Hard Cork Grease
*Wooden Cleaning Rod
*Cleaning Swab
*Cleaning Paper
*Powder Paper
*Tone Hole Cleaners
*Lacquer Polish
*Metal Polish
*Silver Polish
*Key Oil
*Bore Oil
*Pad Saver
*Flute Flag
*Anything Else You Might Recommend

*Silver Cloth

Best Answer...


Things you need:

-Cleaning cloth (microfiber is great- avoid silver polishing cloths) for the outside of your flute only.
-Wooden cleaning rod is best (plastic is fine, too. avoid metal because it scratches).
- Cleaning swab for the inside of flute only (this can be made of cotton or silk).

That is it. No cork grease (NEVER use any cork grease on a flute- it doesn't need it). No metal polished or lacquers (NEVER use this either). Don't buy any oils of any kind- your repair guy will do this when you bring your flute in from time to time. It's easy to over do the oil or do it wrong. Plus, it doesn't need to get done very often, so just let your repair guy do it. You can get cleaning paper if you'd like, but this is totally optional. Pad savers are a bad idea, unless you remove them every time (don't store them in the flute, like they tell you to. Bad for the pads).

The only other thing you might like to have is a folding flute stand, such as these http://www.fluteworld.com/index.php?action=pk&wart=AC26&ppk=flst

You listed many things, but only need a few. Happy fluting!