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La Corda D'oro real life artists?

I have been searching and searching and I can't find anything saying who the real-life artists who played for each character are!!! I would really like to know! I want to hear them playing other pieces as themselves, too! Especially Hino and Tsukimori!!!

Best Answer...


La Corda D'oro music:
Hino Kaoru 穂 child Violin: performance by Osamu Yutaka Nakajima (M2, 5), Nakagawa Wakako (M6)
Tsukimori Ren Violin: performance by Muroya Itirou Akira (M1, 2,5)
Tsutiura Ryou 太郎 Piano: performance by Okada Susumu (M1)
Shimizu Keiichi: Cello: performance by multi-Kii Satoshi (M1, 2,5)
Tues Hara Kazuki Trumpet: performance by Abe Kazuki (M1)
Azusa Yuzuki horse Flute: performance by Endou Makoto (M1)
Kazi Mamoru Viola: performance by Matsumoto Yuri (M1 ~ 3,5)
Masaya Eto paulownia Violin: performance by Sun Yoda Makoto (M4)
Winter Sea 笙子 Clarinet: performance by Nishizaki Tomoko (M1)
Accompaniment Piano: performance by Takanashi Shiho (M3, 4,6)

I hope that this is what you were asking for? Have fun!