Rose Gold

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Frequently Asked Questions...

What is the difference between 9ct gold to 18 ct gold?

I am very intreagued with knowing the difference as I have a ring that is 18ct gold with diamonds in it, and the other ring is 3 types of gold. Rose gold, White gold and 9ct gold. Is there much of a difference besides price?

Best Answer...


ok, so, all it means is that it is different densitys. they have to mix the gold because pure gold is very ductille and malleuble. it is very soft, the higher the number, the softer. like 24 ct is 99.9% pure gold. they cant call it 100% cuz it could have like one micro spec of dirt, but its pretty much pure. it has nothing to do w/ size at all, like another previous answer says. now, a 1kt diomond has to do w/ size. its a different story though. i hope this clears things up for u!