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Frequently Asked Questions...

Why haven't my juliet tomatoes ripened yet?

at the beginning of march i purchased 6 juliet tomato plants and placed them into a green plastic plant hanging bag. they have been growing extremely well. many of them are huge, but still many more are just begining to grow. the large tomatoes are dark green towards the stem and light translucent green towards the bottom of the tomato. can anyone tell me why they just are turning red yet?

Best Answer...


It can depend on many factors: Climate, soil, water, if you used fertilizer and most importantly the variety of plant.
Some take longer to mature than others despite what the little plastic marker that comes with the plant says.
I've been growing tomatoes for years and usually the same variety and mine are a little late turning this year than last.
Maybe has something to do with Global Warming I'm not sure but they will turn soon.