Yamaha Flute

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Frequently Asked Questions...

how much to sell flute for?

i have a yamaha flute. i got it in 2005. ive used it for less than a year
its still brand new condition. no dents or scratches in flute or the case. have an outer case with it. still have all these things to clean the flute with
i think my friend said it was closed? idk what that means...

i asked my mom how much she bought it. she said she doesnt remember but it definitely cost more than 200
btw its never had to be fixed or anything.

Best Answer...


Their are different types of flutes, closed flutes are one type.

Their are 3 models that your could be: YFL-221, YFL-261, YFL-281.


YFL-261: $1047 (original)

Yfl-281: $1047 (original)

If it's been used, i would say the sale price would be around half or three quarters of the original.